Advanced Branding: Custom Headers, Fonts, and CSS Stylesheets

Note: These features may not be available in your pricing tier, please contact your Advocacy Coach for more information.

To further enhance your branding you now have the power to edit the HTML & CSS of the header in your AdvocateHub.

Adding Custom CSS Stylesheets

On the Branding page (Settings > Advocate Program > Branding) scroll down until you see the Custom CSS section. Here you can add a URL containing your custom CSS code. This CSS will be included on all the advocate-facing pages in your AdvocateHub. This will give you the ability to use a custom font, customize how the buttons looks in your hub, etc.  You will need someone familiar with CSS to create, maintain, and support this custom work.

Removing Influitive Logos

On the Branding page, under the Advanced Branding section, you have the ability to remove the "Powered by Influitive" footer and change the Influitive loading icon to something more relevant to your company.

Removing Powered by Influitive from your Hub

Go to the Influitive Branding section of the Branding page and uncheck the box beside "Show Powered by Influitive in the footer."

Changing the Animated loading icon 

Go to the  Animated Loading Icon section and upload an animated gif. This should be a 128px x 128px transparent gif.

Using a Custom Font

On the Branding page, go to the Custom Font section, check the box beside "Use a different font for the hub" and enter the name and URL pointing to your custom font.

Adding a Customer Header to your Hub

If you'd like to go beyond the basic logo / banner method offered in the Basic Branding options, and you have Advanced Branding as part of your contract, you can make use of the custom Header HTML and Header CSS options.

You will need a CSS/HTML expert to create, maintain, and support this custom work.

You'll find these by scrolling down on the Branding page and looking for the "Header HTML" and "Header CSS" text areas.

Header HTML: Use this to add links, custom menus, logos, etc.

Header CSS: Use this to style your header, and add background images / colours.

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